Wednesday, July 10, 2013

木 (wood)

We have been visiting places where we can see natural resources in their natural state. Now, the past couple of days we are visiting factories and centers where we see how those natural resources become processed and manufactured! It is one aspect of my major that I haven’t really studied, so I was interested to see how these raw materials are being constructed into things that people need/use every day.
So after the tomato harvesting activity on Tuesday, we left Meifeng Farm and traveled to lower elevation to check into the Shueili Wood Utilization Center. This place had the factory just a walk away from the building we would be staying for two days. When we came to the building with our entire luggage, an energetic black dog came to us as if to say ‘welcome!’ He was so adorable, leaning against our legs to get a pet from us. We learned later that his name was Happy, which suited him so well!  Our dinner got many surprised gasps because we had nuggets and French fries for a portion of the dishes, which was so different from the traditional Taiwanese dishes we have been having for every meal, every day. We had one more activity planned this day, and it was making a Rubin Lock. After sanding each piece, then coating it with a sealant, we were frantically practicing putting together the complicated puzzle. Everyone was trying to beat their best time because we were going to have a competition. Vico and I won, and got a baseball bat? Haha, my initial thought was “cool”, but right after I was like “how am I going to fit it in my suitcase?”
the rubin lock all put together!

The next morning was wholly dedicated to a DIY project! The previous years students made a whole bench! But based on the fact that many of them couldn’t transport it back to their home, our project this year was to make a tissue box. It took me back to my middle school woodshop class in 7th grade, ohhhh Mr. Kuhn, I wonder if he is his still kooky self. Sanding took the longest time, then a primer coat was sprayed and left to dry as we all had our lunch break. I accidently got some glue on the sides of my box, so when I primed it, and eventually painted it, there are some blotch spots, oh well, it gives it character :) I like all of these DIY stuff; more things to bring back to the States!  

After we all finished our boxes, we all got to go on a tour of the wood factory. We got to see the wood's different stages, as it becomes various usable products. A humungo saw easily sliced through the logs as it they were butter. It was pretty cool, but a little scary because wood chips were flying everywhere. I was  really surprised that all of the workers weren't wearing any safety goggles! Some were even wearing flipflops around these big dangerous machines. I guess safety regulations aren't as strict as they are in the States. We watched master cut and carve my baseball bat out of a block of wood! It was pretty neat to see the process of actually making it. The master carpenter also demonstrated how to sharpen one of the huge belt saws. After he showed off his "saw bending and twisting" skills haha.

Sanding away!


The machine that sharpens the saw, sparks!

And finally, making the baseball bat! 

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