Monday, June 24, 2013

learning "the know" (day 2)

Its the second day! It seems that I've known these people for so much longer than only one day! But everyone is so nice and welcoming, that we are just all one family it seems haha. So today is officially the start of the BACT program! We all got to the university's conference room that we were in yesterday to have the opening ceremony. We all got to meet the professors that will be accompanying us to various future trip destinations, as well as the director of CIAEAE. after this, we all walking past the famous Palm Tree Blvd to the other side of the campus to the Gallery of NTU History. We had a  guided tour about the history of this university. It was so neat to see some of the actual items, desks, notebooks from the first few baby years of this college. Afterwards we needed to get some of our energy out, so Jack created a scavenger hunt for everyone! This was in order to help everyone get to know where some places are located on campus, as well as have some fun! We all got split up into groups, and we were given a sheet of where we had to be at certain times (in order to compete in mini games and get some points!) It was very hot already (only 10 o'clock!), so our team kind of took it casually walking to and from all of our check points. But it was super fun! Some games included water balloons, getting dizzy, and stealing random people's socks... haha :)
But after this, we all herded into the room to get ready for some lectures. The rest of the day we learned about the fauna and insects of Taiwan. I love seeing the different pictures that the lecturer provided in the lesson. The biodiversity of Taiwan is amazing! So many different species, each unique and special; sometimes I just have to give a pat on the back to God for being able to think up and create all these different species! So cool!

Only tree of us didn't know Chinese, so we had to come back to the university after dinner to take a Chinese course! We learned  the four basic tones, and the different "vowels" of Chinese! Also a song that I posted below, to learn how to read pinyin (which is the use of the English letters to create the 'sound' of the Chinese words). I think we all three will memorize this song eventually, we sang it many times. It's just cute haha!

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