Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And I'm Off!!!

Hello everyone! While writing this, I am currently at the Seattle airport waiting eagerly for my very very long flight to Taipei, Taiwan... I think the flight is around 14 hours or so. But anyways, I actually have 2 hours here at this airport until I have to go board the plane, and since I have taken many laps around the same gates, passing the same people, and probably getting a couple weird looks from the convenience store owner (whose store I went in 5 separate times), I thought it would be fun to try out my first blog update. I’ll be posting this when I get internet access, but thought it would be good to get all my initial feelings and experiences out in text!

 Even though, I haven’t actually arrived at Taiwan, the whole process of flying internationally, solo, is a pretty awesome feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I was so nervous when we pulled up to the airport, but after getting through security and all that, it was really neat to just walk around the airports. 

This first flight wasn’t too bad, only four hours long. Having a middle seat made it seem longer, but I exhausted everything I could do in my little box seat. I needed to stay awake for this flight (and the layover) so then my jet leg won’t be as bad once I land at my final destination.  The airlines played the recent Oz movie, so that was a good distraction for an hr +. Read some books, flipped through some magazines and discovered the plane’s different “radio” stations! There were a lot of classical music stations surprisingly, but I did manage to find one contemporary music station, and one country. So I ended up flipping back and forth between these two genres and jamming to them for the last half of the trip. J  So the computer is going to die soon, so I am going to sign off! See you later in Taiwan!

view from the window! (snatched this while my neighbor was in the bathroom (: )

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